Specialized Courier Services

Specialized Courier Services

As clinical studies become increasingly more complex, the logistical task of incorporating multiple sites that are located far apart can become rather challenging. To an outsider, the vast geographical spread and resultant varying climates in our countries of operation are often seen as a serious logistical challenge. Disproving this belief is a task worthy of a reliable and experienced logistics provider with deep knowledge of the subject and ability to meet all challenges head-on.

There are many factors to consider while setting up cold chain distribution for any given study: the scale of research with number and location of sites, the type of IMP, its temperature conditions and shelf life, the number of shipments– this information is gathered and analyzed by COREX Project Managers who carefully choose validated packaging solutions and monitoring devices for site distribution.

As part of COREX LogiLinktm one-stop shop services, COREX has established its own courier department. Our specialized transportation and professional approach to delivery is unique in its ability to provide immediate delivery reports and temperature curves. COREX transportation services are integrated into our WMS online tool that automatically tracks shipment status and keeps scanned records of temperature printouts, dispatch forms and notifies client of key-events.

corex process approach

  • 1 ORDER RECEIPT Preparation of the shipment, pick-pack, double-verification of the ready-to-go parcel.
  • 2 NEGOTIATION WITH INVESTIGATIONAL SITE Negotiating date and time with authorized recipient.
  • 3 COLLECTION FROM DEPOT Receipt of the ready-to-go parcel from the Depot.
  • 4 T°-CONTROLLED TRANSPORTATION Expedited door-to-door transportation in designated temperature regimes.
  • 5 DISPATCH Dispatch, reading of the print-outs in front of investigator, confirmation of the dispatch.
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