Bio-samples Management

Bio-samples Management

Accurate handling of bio-samples is at the core of clinical research and its safe storage and delivery very often determines the success of the whole trial. As part of COREX LogiLinktm our team guarantees precision handing of the most labor-intensive and complex bio-samples with the use of its dedicated sample management service.

Paucity of relevant central laboratories is not uncommon in our geographies. Customarily, the majority of biological samples are exported abroad. Within the logistics of biological samples COREX provides all the needed export licenses, customs clearance as well as bio-banking services. To simplify the process of laboratory analysis, COREX offers collection and storage of biological samples and arranges bulk shipments to the central laboratories when pre-specified quantities have been accrued.

COREX WMS transforms the export of bio-samples into one logical process with real-time order status updates at every stage of transportation.

corex process approach

  • 1 ADVANCE CONSULTATIONS Negotiation of shipments’ frequency, list of sites, documents required for exportation.
  • 2 COLLECTION OF BIO-SAMPLES Temperature-controlled shipment of bio-samples from investigational site to COREX Depot.
  • 3 CONSOLIDATION OF BIO-SAMPLES AT THE DEPOT Bio-banking and temperature-controlled storage of consolidated bulk of bio-samples.
  • 4 EXPORTATION TO THE CENTRAL LAB Customs clearance, door-to-door transportation and reporting.
  • 5 PROOF OF DELIVEY In time dispatch of the biologics to the Central Lab, verification of the temperature conditions.
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