Importation of the unregistered drugs discussed at COREX Academy Webinar

The latest COREX Academy webinars took place on November 19, 2020. This one focused on the hot topic of importation of unregistered drugs and medical supplies.

Attendees heard from COREX Logistics' experts Sergey Bordashov, Elena Kadkina, and Vitaly Shakhnazarov about the complexities involved in organizing the importation of unregistered drugs for clinical trials or named patient programs.

Elena Kadkina, Procurement Director of COREX Logistics, kicked off proceedings with an over view on them in processes involved in importation of unregistered drugs. Sergey Bordashov, the CEO of COREX Russia, discussed some key regulatory issues around unregistered drugs and the legalities involved in importation. Vitaly Shakhnazarov, Quality Director, concluded the event with a presentation that set out case studies and COREX Logistics’ expertise in this sector.

The webinar covered important topics including:

·       The difficulties of the importation of unregistered drugs.

·       How to import unregistered drugs for preclinical and clinical trials.

·       The specificities of the named patient program.

·       The importation of medical supplies.

·       The regulatory aspects behind it all.

COREX Academy is a knowledge-sharing platform designed by COREX Logistics experts to support cooperation and further learning in the clinical trials sector. Our webinar series has developed strong following – attracting professionals from the pharm and clinical trials sectors. So far we have covered topics including the Drug Development Lifecycle and challenges associated with clinical trials.

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