COREX is a remarkably successful project that was launched in 2011 by clinical research industry professionals, who fully understand what the clients are looking for when outsourcing to a local depot vendor. By design, COREX was envisioned and implemented with our clients in mind as a cost-saving vehicle capable of delivering better services at lower rates.

As a part of our strategy we have created a one-stop-shop service, COREX LogiLinkTM that incorporates all the components of a clinical supply chain into one logical and transparent process. Its main goal is to address all clients’ requirements through real time sophisticated support delivered by dedicated project managers and a team of well-trained experts. We understand that one of the biggest culprits in supply chain underperformance is the lack of real time communication, which is why we have built into our Warehouse Management System (WMS) an automatic notification on key logistics events (receipt, dispatch, inventory, expiry dating etc.) and have created a customized client access portal with an operator-friendly online ordering and reservation platform.

COREX’s unremitting process improvement centers on well-being and forms the framework of our ISO 9001:2008 certified Quality Management System (QMS).We recognize that the quality of our work has direct impact on the lives and the well-being of the patients in need, that is why we have a coherent decision-making system in place, where no actions can take place if there is even a slight possibility of the drug quality being compromised.

Our long-term clinical project management experience provides a lot of historical data that is used for intensive budget optimization, study forecasting and risk analysis. Modeling and forecasting help us arrive at a cost-effective and logical solution to every assignment, no matter how challenging it may be. 

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